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Welcome to the table.

Amazing Guests.  
Incredible Stories.
Unforgettable Meals.

This is The Best Meal I Ever Had, the podcast that asks one simple question - with an answer that is always appetizing and entertaining. Join host and creator Andrew Schulman, as he meets chefs, celebrities, foodies, musicians, artists, restaurateurs and some good friends who have experienced - the best meal they ever had!


Fan Love for
The Best Meal Podcast:

"This podcast is definitely a culinary education, but more importantly, it's an exploration of all the most joyful things in life."

- D-Zuko 


"There is joy and lots of love here - plus some delightful stories." 

- PJDJ 2007


"This is about the human experience of the greatest pleasures - food and togetherness. I love the show." 

- ILoveNazzy


"I didn't know it was going to be this dope."

- Toni Ronni



Your Host

Who is Andrew Schulman?

The host and creator of The Best Meal I Ever Had Podcast, he is a native New York City guy now living in Austin, Texas who loves great food, great restaurants, and sharing even greater dining experiences with friends. He is also the guy friends call for that “hard to get” reservation or a recommendation for a special evening out. Known by friends as “a walking restaurant guide,” and in restaurant circles as “the patron,” Andrew is thrilled to be adding his voice, passion, and sense of humor to food media.

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