The Best Meal I Ever Had. A Podcast.

We Did It! 10 Episodes for Season 1!

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Welcome to The Best Meal I Ever Had podcast! It’s the podcast that asks one simple question - with an answer that is always entertaining and appetizing. Join host and creator Andrew Schulman at the table, as he meets incredible guests to hear their stories about that one amazing meal. From chefs to celebrities, musicians to restauranteurs, and some good friends who have experienced - the best meal they ever had!

Season One:

The premiere episode features award-winning pastry chef and psychic medium, Heather Carlucci, and she recounts not only the meals, but the dishes that inspired her to action. Episode 2 takes the podcast from the plate to the wine glass, as master sommelier John Ragan - Wine Director and Senior Director of Operations for Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group - tells us about the best meals, and wines, he ever had.

Jacques and Hasty Torres, master chocolatiers and owners of Jacques Torres Chocolates, join the table for episode 3, as we discuss the undeniable bond between food and emotion, and of course - the best meal they ever had!

Famed butchers and trailblazers Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest join the table in episode 4 for a memorable journey of finding your calling, “chicken in the woods,” and the godmother of all sandwiches. Oh, and we talk about modern butchering too!

Hey Brooklyn! Musician and television executive John Khoury joins the podcast in episode 5, and takes us back to the old neighborhood when Brooklyn was…well, Brooklyn! John walks listeners down the streets and storefronts that made growing up in 70’s Brooklyn an amazing cultural melting pot that it was, and still is (in pockets). And, if you like White Castle sliders, this may be the episode for you!

In episode 6, Michelin starred chef, author, restaurateur, world traveler and intrepid fisherman Anita Lo sits down to share an incredibly simple and perfect meal experienced on the beaches of Vietnam with a Divine Dinner that brings butterscotch pudding to the table.

Have you ever had all 5 senses firing at once? How about when you experienced the best meal you ever had? In episode 7, sensualist Deborah Kagan takes us on a worldwide journey that opened her mind, and her senses, every step of the way.

What happens when an international cultural detective joins the table to talk food? Explorer, extreme athlete and author Justin Fornal sits down to tell us about some of the most incredible meals he has experienced from the extreme corners of the world. This is one episode where you will be saying to yourself, as you listen, “this is crazy!”

Is there any place more filled with love and familiar than Grandma’s table? In episode 9, chef, author and renown recipe tester Anna Francese Gass take us through her amazing cookbook, Heirloom Kitchen. Heritage Recipes and Family Stories from the Tables of Immigrant Women as we hear what it took to compile a world’s worth of spoken recipes told by 40 grandmothers that help make up the flavors and foods that we identify with today

William DuVall of Alice In Chains joins the podcast for our season finale, where we talk about dining while on tour, our birthdays, and that his grandmother’s braised kale recipe is never too far away. Also, check out his new single, Till The Light Guides Me Home at .

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